Advocacy Questions

What is advocacy?

Advocacy means supporting you to:

  • Be heard
  • Have a voice
  • Know your rights
  • Take part in the decisions that are being made about your life
  • Find out answers to any questions you may have
  • Understand the complaints system

Why would I need an advocate?

  • If you want some information or advice
  • If you would like help to speak up about an issue that affects you
  • If you would like somebody to attend a meeting with you
  • If you would like help to ask for a service
  • If you need support with any other issues
  • If you want to make a complaint

How will my advocate help me?

Firstly, your advocate will listen to you. Then with your permission your advocate might ….

  • Help you write a letter
  • Speak to somebody on your behalf
  • Attend a meeting with you
  • Help you to make a complaint
  • Support you to speak up about decisions in your life
  • Find out information
  • Help you to understand what is being said

How do I get an advocate?

Firstly, it is your decision if you want an advocate to work with you. You (or somebody else on your behalf can contact the EPIC office by phone, text, email or letter)

You can also make an Advocacy referral online for yourself, or on behalf of a young person here

The Advocacy Manager or Advocate will then contact you to see how they can help you.

Advocacy Leaflets

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