About Us

Our Mission, Vision and Work


  • To advocate at a national and local level for the rights of young people in and with care experience.
  • To promote the voices of young people in and with care experience.
  • To base our advocacy on meaningful engagement with young people, documented data and commissioned research.


EPIC is divided into four key parts:

  1. Advocacy
  2. Policy
  3. Research
  4. Youth Engagement

These four sections work together to better promote the rights of children in care and young people and adults with care experience. Our 1:1 advocacy service and our Youth Engagement & Participation activities inform all of EPIC’s policy, research and lobbying work.

If you are a young person in care or aftercare check out the information in our Care  Questions and Aftercare sections. You will find lots of info about care, links to helpful sites and services and info about how EPIC can best support you.

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