We are EPIC

About Us, Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

To advocate for the rights of children and young adults in the care system and aftercare and enable their voice to influence positive change in their own circumstances and the care system.

Our Vision

That all children and young people in care and after care have an empowering positive lived experience of care.

We are EPIC

EPIC is a national voluntary organisation working with and for children and young adults who are currently in care or who have experience of being in care. This includes those in residential care, foster care, relative care, hostel, high support and special care units or facilities. EPIC also work with children and young adults preparing to leave care and those in aftercare.

EPIC is the only national voluntary organisation providing independent direct 1:1 advocacy support to children and young adults in the care system; to enable them to have their views and concerns heard, to empower them to speak for themselves, to resolve the issues and problems they experience, to help them access the services and resources they need and bring about positive change in their lives and in the care system.

If you are a child or young adult in care or aftercare at the moment at the moment, are preparing to leave care, or are a professional working with children or/and young adults in the care system, we hope you’ll find something here that will be of help or interest.

If you have a question please email info@epiconline.ie or ring 01-8727661

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