We are proud to publish this new strategy which lays out our commitments for the next five years. At EPIC, we believe firmly in accountability – to our partners, our donors, our staff, and most importantly – to the children and young people who are at the heart of our mandate. In a changing public and political environment, our new plan sets out our vision, as well as who we are, what we will achieve, and how we will do it. The dedication of the Board and staff to ensuring EPIC is well-governed and resourced to meet our commitments underpins this new strategy.

EPIC believes that policy is most effective when it is designed through inclusive processes, and implemented in partnership with communities, civil society organisations and government. As such, this strategy was developed through engagement with our staff, Youth Council and Board – all of whom informed EPIC’s priorities and ambitions for the future – and input was also received from key external stakeholders. The planning process was an opportunity to examine the past and the present of the organisation, reflect on and celebrate its achievements and strengths, and explore the environment in which we work.

EPIC has a unique mandate, and on behalf of the Board of Directors and the Management Team, we wish to reaffirm our commitment to EPIC and the children and young people we work with and for. The UK Poet, Lemn Sissay who grew up in care in England, delivered a Ted Talk address in 2013 entitled “A Child of the State Too”. A passionate activist for improving the care system, Sissay issued the following call to action, “Let’s change how we see children (in care), how we talk to them and about them. Their stories are sacred…They’re like Harry Potter, a foster child, like Lisbeth Salandar, institutionalised and adopted, like Jesus – the son of a single mother, like Muhammad, orphaned. They are superheroes. They are stars. A child in care is a solution, an opportunity for us to display our services at their best…”

We are honoured to rally to this call.

Marissa Ryan (she/her), CEO

Barry O’Sullivan (he/him), Chair of the EPIC Board

Our Goals

  • Providing quality, effective, and independent rights-based advocacy directly to care-experienced children and young people to age 26
  • Ensuring the voices of our Care Community are heard where it matters 
  • Producing agenda-setting policy and research that is informed by lived experiences 
  • Raising awareness, educating and campaigning for transformational change in society 
  • Being a vibrant, well governed and resourced organisation
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