life after care and leaving care

What is an Aftercare Plan?

An Aftercare Plan  in an individual plan based on a young person’s skills and needs and follows on from their preparation for leaving care plan. It outlines the types of supports available to a young person in aftercare and outline who will support them.

Aftercare Plans  work best, and have the most positive results for young people, if they become involved in the planning of the aftercare plan with your social worker, aftercare worker and carers.

What is Aftercare?

Aftercare is support provided to young people leaving care who have been assessed as having an aftercare need to ease their transition to independence. Aftercare services can support young people up to 21 years of age, or 23 years of age if in full-time education.

While you have the right to aftercare services, it’s your choice to take part, if you choose not to take part in aftercare support to begin with, you can change your mind at any time up until you turn 21 years of age. It’s important to know that aftercare work is done a little differently depending on which Health Service Executive (HSE) area you live in e.g. the age at which your aftercare work begins can vary.

If you are unsure about the situation in your area speak to your social worker.

Standardised National Aftercare Allowance

Tusla has introduced a Standardised National Aftercare Allowance for young people who have been in care for 12 months on their 16th birthday or for 12 consecutive months prior to their 18th birthday. The weekly standardised allowance is €300 per week 
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