What we do

Purpose and function of our Organisation

EPIC aims to advance the interests and welfare of children and young adults in the care system by advocating on their behalf, providing information and advice, providing opportunities for participation and influencing through regional and national councils and developing policies on and conducting research into issues affecting children and young adults in the care system. 

The focus of our work is to improve the lived experience of children and young adults in the care system and positively contribute to the development of care services, locally, nationally and internationally for the benefit of children and young adults, their families and the professionals who work with them.

Independent Advocacy

Independent advocacy in EPIC is a process of helping children and young adults in the care system to speak out about their care experience, whatever that experience might be and by doing so to influence positive change in their own care or in the care system generally.

If you need advocacy, information or support please fill out the Referral Form which you can find here .  or call the EPIC office
at 01-8727661


Participation has been defined as ‘the process by which children and young people have active involvement and real influence in decision-making on matters affecting their lives, both directly and indirectly’ (DCYA, 2015: 20). Participation can relate to decision-making about their own lives and circumstances (individual participation) or to the issues affecting a group of children and young people more generally (collective participation).

If you are interest in joining our Regional or National Councils of Young Adults with care experience please contact us on 01- 8727661 or email  EPICcouncil@epiconline.ie


EPIC’s work on policy development aims to raise awareness of the issues affecting children and young people in State Care, to highlight their experiences on various issues and to advocate for changes in the care system at a systemic level informed by the issues raised through our direct 1:1 work with children and young people.


EPIC works to gather data and research to inform good practice and improve outcomes for children and young adults in care.

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