Following the publication of the Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse Report in 2009 (the “Ryan Report”) a detailed implementation plan was published, with 99 recommended actions. One action stated that: “The HSE and Irish Youth Justice System will ensure that all young people in care and detention are made aware of the work of IAYPIC (now EPIC) and will support children should they wish to contact or become involved with the service.”

EPIC, Empowering People in Care, has an annual contract with Oberstown Children’s Detention Campus which provides for the monthly delivery by EPIC of an on-site independent advocacy service to the children on campus. This service has been in place since 2008 and was initially agreed with Trinity House. In 2013, the service was extended to include all three children’s detention schools (Trinity House, Oberstown Boy’s School, and Oberstown Girls School.) In 2015 the service continued to operate throughout the transition to the new campus when all three children’s detention schools amalgamated to become a single entity as Oberstown Children’s Detention Campus.

This submission relates solely to children’s detention and is based on EPIC’s experience of delivering a monthly on-site advocacy service to children in Oberstown Children’s Detention Campus since 2008.

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