Tusla has introduced a Standardised National Aftercare Allowance for young people who have been in care for 12 months on their 16th birthday or for 12 consecutive months prior to their 18th birthday. The weekly standardised allowance is €300 per week 

Information (below) from Tusla

1. How is the Aftercare Allowance determined?

Every young person as part of their preparation for leaving care will have an Individual Financial Support Plan. This plan will be completed in advance of the young person turning 18 years of age. The plan takes account of all financial supports available to care leavers and is reviewed as part of aftercare planning.

2. What is an Individual Aftercare Financial Support Plan?

An Individual Aftercare Financial Support Plan is an assessment of the financial needs of a young person. It is a standardised tool to assist in identifying all the financial support requirements for each young person. The Individual Financial Support will document all financial supports available to care leavers and financial supports required. It is expected that all care leavers will have access to an income of a minimum allowance of €300 per week. The €300 may be a combined amount from other departments/ agencies or may be paid in full or partly by Tusla.

More information: Click here to view the full Guidance Document for the Implementation of the Standardised Aftercare Allowance. 

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