Download our Pre-Budget Submission

Introduction to EPIC’s Pre-Budget Submission

EPIC makes this submission to Government in both our capacity as a children rights organisation, and on behalf of the children in care and young people leaving care with whom we work. Our submission is informed by policy development undertaken by EPIC, which seeks to create positive change in the care system at a systemic level, using the evidence base from our National Advocacy Service caseload.

The Government of Ireland has a statutory responsibility for children in state care and young people leaving care, which is bound by national legislation and international conventions including the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). This responsibility necessitates ensuring their safety, well-being, and development, as well as promoting their rights and best interests. When the state acts in loco parentis, it has an obligation to act as any reasonable parent would.

Each of the issues detailed in our Submission, impact the welfare and protection of children and young people with experience of state care. EPIC believe that the measures we propose for inclusion in Budget 2025 can result in timely, effective, and quality investments to ensure the rights of children in care and care-experienced young people are upheld.

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