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EPIC, Empowering People in Care launch national youth participation recruitment drive 

  • EPIC invite children and young people with experience of Ireland’s care system to join their Care Community 
14 June 2022
EPIC, Empowering People in Care, is growing and diversifying its youth participation work and they are calling on care-experienced children and young people to join the EPIC Care Community. This is a great space for making friends, learning new things, and helping to build a strong Care Community in Ireland. This national call is for children and young people with experience of any type of care placement, whether its foster care, residential care, or special care. 

EPIC will have a range of both in person and virtual activities and meetups throughout the year, including creative and fun plans for their annual Care Day celebrations in February. For younger children in care, there will be invites to family-friendly social events and activities, while for those a little older (13+) there will be a number of participation activities to get involved with, including an opportunity to join EPIC’s Youth Advisory Groups. 

Kate Bluett, Participation Officer with EPIC in Limerick said:

“Care-experienced children and young people’s voices and experiences are at the heart of EPIC and their lived experiences are the driving force behind the work we do every day.”

“We want to see a Care Aware Ireland, where every child in the care system feels valued and heard. Through participation we aim to achieve this by providing opportunities for connection, fun, and growth, as well as action, through work on campaigns and projects to bring about the changes that our Care Community want to see.” 

EPIC is committed to empowering children and young people with care experience by ensuring their voices are heard where it matters, and by promoting positive care identities. 

Katelyn, an EPIC Youth Council Member from Cork said: 

Young people should consider joining because it is an excellent platform to voice your opinions about your care experiences. It also helps you connect with other care-experienced individuals and makes you feel a part of a family. I love being in this Council because they make me feel special and that my experiences are valid and not brushed off like they would be with those who don’t know what it’s like to be in care. I also love all the connections I’ve made with others, friendships I will keep.”

EPIC’s promise to the children and young people who join their Care Community

  • EPIC will provide a safe, inclusive, and respectful space for you to come together to explore your experiences of the positives and challenges of being in care.   
  • Your voices will advise EPIC and other services about how we can improve the lives of children and young people in care, as your voices CAN influence real change. 
  • We will make sure that you know your rights, have opportunities to gain confidence and develop new skills, while having fun and making new friends along the way! 
To find out more, or to join the EPIC Care Community, visit our Care Community page
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