Immediate Release: 16th August 2016  

The National Review Panel reports published today identify keys learnings following a review of the deaths of young people known to child protection services, some of whom were in State Care.

The reports identify gaps in services in particular the lack of co-ordination between service providers. One of the reports published highlights the lack of suitable accommodation for young people experiencing mental health issues, lack of access to mental health services and the limited treatment options available to young people.

Speaking following the publication of these reports, Director of EPIC, Jennifer Gargan made the following statement:

“One of the key findings from these reports highlights the need for co-ordination and co-operation of services, in particular, between Tusla, mental health and disability services. There needs to be clarity around the key responsibility of each organisation identifying which organisation is the lead organisation particularly when a young person at the age of 18 is transitioning out of care.

Some of these cases again highlight the need for every young person in care to have an allocated Social Worker at all times and have regular Statutory Child in Care Reviews. Furthermore all agencies should be trained in order to carry out a proper risk assessment for a young person upon referral to their service.     

These reports clearly highlight the need for more specialised foster carers for young people with disabilities in which training and supports should be provided for regularly.    

EPIC welcomes the learnings from these reports and reiterates the importance of  these learnings to be implemented into practice in order to protect and provide the best opportunity and outcomes for young people in care.”            

EPIC would like to offer its sincerest sympathies to those affected by the deaths of these children and young people.

Notes to the Editor

Other key recommendations made in the NRP reports include:

  • Need for suitable placements in particular, for sick children and children with disabilities
  • Need for a seamless transitionary approach from care to aftercare
  • Development of services for children displaying sexualised behaviour.
  • Need for Comprehensive Needs Assessments for children and young people
  • Need for Early intervention
  • Importance of Stability and therapeutic interventions
  • Need for Tusla, the Department of Education and other agencies to implement a policy in relation to education of children in care in order to address the additional challenges children in care face.

The full details of these reports can be found here


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EPIC (formerly IAYPIC) is an independent association that works throughout the Republic of Ireland, with and for children and young people who are currently living in care or who have had an experience of living in care.

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