Immediate Release: 11th February 2016

A HIQA Inspection report of a private fostering care service provider released today highlights a considerable number of placements for children in care ending in an unplanned manner. While the inspection outlines how many children were happy and well cared for, poor matching of children with foster carers and training needs and supports of foster carers were linked to these placement breakdowns.

Speaking today, Director of EPIC Jennifer Gargan commented:

“Despite the positive experiences of quality care for many children, the report highlights that approximately one quarter of placements for children broke down over this period with no reasons outlined as to why these placements terminated and no steps to prevent this from re-occurring. It is clear further supports for foster carers, particularly, first time foster carers, are required.

It is deeply concerning that in some cases there was no evidence of care plans or placement plans. The actions HIQA has outlined now need to be acted upon promptly.”

Evidence both from national and international research highlights the importance of stability for children in care and its significance in determining positive outcomes for children in care.

Notes to the Editor

  1. At the end of quarter 3 in 2015, there were 496 children in private placements. 62% (307) of these children were in private foster care and 36% (171) were in private residential placements. See Tusla’s Integrated Performance and Activity Report  (accessed 11/02/16)

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