Diary Notice: EPIC Goes Into the West!    

When: Monday, February 15th from 2pm-5pm

Where: ILAS Building, NUIG, Galway.   

Immediate Release: 11th February 2016

EPIC will launch its National Advocacy Service in the West region on the 15th of February 2016.

The aim of EPIC is to raise issues of concern for children in care and promote young people’s participation in decisions relating to their care. The expansion of EPIC’s Advocacy Service in the West means children and young people in care in this region will have easier access to an independent Advocate.

Speaking prior to the launch of the service, Director of EPIC, Jennifer Gargan commented:

“The aim of EPIC’s advocacy service is to ensure that every child in care has an opportunity to be heard. We have experienced an increasing number of referrals as our Service continues to grow. The expansion of our service in this area will provide for an accessible, equitable and direct 1:1 advocacy service for young people locally based in the West region.  

EPIC’s role is to empower young people in care and ensure that the voices of children and young people are heard both at an individual and systemic level; to impact on change within the care system.” 

The goals of EPIC are to ensure that the participation of young people in care is promoted, that young people’s rights are upheld and young people are able to access services and resources they require.


  1. There are currently 6,346 children in the care system in Ireland. Of these 1,460 children and young people are in care in the West. (Figures from Tusla as of November 2015, http://www.tusla.ie/uploads/content/Tusla_Management_Data_Report_Novemberv1.0.pdf) (accessed 10/02/16)
  2. There are currently 161 children in care in the West without an allocated social worker. Of these 114 children are in the mid-West and 47 children are based in the Galway-Roscommon area see parliamentary question https://www.kildarestreet.com/wrans/?id=2016-02-02a.635 (accessed 10/02/16)
  3. For more information on EPIC, visit epiconline.ie, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

For all media enquiries or to arrange an interview please contact:

Jennifer Gargan, Director of EPIC                    

Telephone: 01 8727 661 Mobile: 086 607 3866

Email: jennifergargan@epiconline.ie  Website: www.epiconline.ie

EPIC (formerly IAYPIC) is an independent association that works throughout the Republic of Ireland, with and for children and young people who are currently living in care or who have had an experience of living in care.

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