Updated on: 2nd September 2020

We have not stopped working!

The EPIC team has continued to work through the COVID crisis.

Are you a Young Person concerned about COVID-19 the Corona Virus?
Steps to Protect Yourself and Others

As Ireland responds to the challenge of Covid-19, EPIC is committed to continuing to provide our services for children and young people in care and with care experience.

  • Team members are working remotely while following all national guidelines on COVID19.
  • We are attending face to face meetings with children, young people and other professionals on a priority basis – meetings that do not meet the criteria for priority are being conducted on-line.
  • We are also following a strict risk-assessment for all face to face meetings.
  • Referrals to EPIC can be made online (https://www.epiconline.ie/advocacy-forms/) or by telephone 01 872 7661
  • We will review our roadmap for returning to offices again after the next Government review on September 14th
  • If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 01 872 7661

We would like to say a sincere Thank You to our team for their commitment, dedication and flexibility in this very challenging time.

Information and contact details for our services and our teams can be found throughout this site.

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