What is “Participation” ? 

Participation means being involved in decisions affecting you. It does not mean having the right to make the decision, however, it means that your views should be taken into account. If you feel you are not being listened to, you should contact EPIC. You can get the support of an Advocate to raise your concerns and ensure that your voice is heard in all decisions affecting your care.

group-smilingHow Can I get involved?          

You should be encouraged to participate in decisions affecting you on a daily basis. Your participation should be promoted by your social worker and carer(s). Your social worker should ensure that your views are taken into consideration in decisions made about your care.

Your social worker should involve you in developing a care plan. A care plan will identify your needs, supports and various aspects of your care such as family contact and your education.  You should be encouraged and prepared by your social worker to participate in your care review. If you choose not to go to your care review, there are other ways you can have your views heard such as having an Advocate represent your views or by writing a letter prior to the care review.


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