Care Day 2019 – #CareDay19


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Care Day 2019 is on February 15th. 

Care Day (see is the world’s largest celebration of children and young people with care experience. Care experience includes children and young people who are or were cared for by family members with the support of social workers; by foster carers; or children and young people from children’s homes and residential units. They deserve to be celebrated, on care day, and every day.

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Care Day 2019 is an opportunity to celebrate the rights of care experienced children and young people, towards a world where young people are proud, fulfilled, are able to thrive and achieve their dreams.

We invite every child and young person with experience of care, as well as those who care for and support these young people, to join in this day of united celebration. It is an opportunity to illustrate how care experienced people can feel different to others and why.

February 15th 2019 is the next Care Day; and we would encourage everyone to get vocal, get social, and get together in celebration of the care experienced community.

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