#CareDay22 takes place on Friday 18 February and it will be the 7th annual Care Day.

Care Day is a global celebration (and the world’s largest celebration) of the rights of children and young people with experience of care.

This year’s theme “It takes a village” focuses on how different people in communities can have a positive influence on children and young people and how important these relationships are in shaping the lives of our care experienced community.

We can all recall people in our lives who had or continue to have a significant impact on our outlook and sense of self-worth. They can be relatives, teachers, coaches, neighbours – all of whom hail from our community or “village”.

Most of the time we ourselves don’t even realise the significant and direct impact we have on others.

Even the simple acts of listening, encouraging, or understanding can have profound, direct, and lifelong effects.

This year we are asking people to be, or realise their potential to be, a #CareAware champion and ally.

Every journey, no matter how long, starts with the first step!

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