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  Research Opportunity

Were you in care for 5 years or more? Are you aged 25-35? Would you be willing to share your experiences of school and education?

eavanMy name is Eavan Brady and I am a student researcher at Trinity College Dublin. I am doing a study of the educational experiences of adults who were in care as children. I am hoping to hear from people with a wide range of educational experiences – whether your experience was positive, challenging, and/or is continuing, I would like to hear from you!

By hearing from adults with care experience, I hope to learn about the different life experiences that influence the education of children in care and people who have left care. I hope this information will help to improve the education of children in care and those leaving care in the future.

If you take part in this study, I will interview you for 90 minutes in a place that suits you. The interview will start by me asking you to tell me your ‘educational story’ from your earliest memory to present day. If you would like to find out more, please contact me!

* Phone: 085-2022811

* Twitter: @eavanrb

* Study Website:

Thank you!


Congratulations on a successful Care Day!

EPIC’s main event this year was held on Friday the 17th in the Office of the Ombudsman for Children, while other Care Day celebrations were occurring all around the country.EPIC organised two football tournaments, one on the 15th with Don Bosco Care, which features teams from many Irish charities, and one on the 17th of February in Cork. EPIC’s Limerick office hosted a Care Day coffee break in the social services office on the 17th, and the children from EPIC’s Galway Fora invited their friends to a Care Day party with Bowling and laser tag.

Two young care leavers features on the Facebook page and website “Humans of Dublin“, to share their care experience. Many social work teams and partner organisations organised events to celebrate Care Day, and shared selfies and wishes for children in care, which were shown during our event in the Ombudsman’s office. We wish to thank all those who participated for their support and their kind words.

During the event in the Office of the Ombudsman for Children, EPIC premiered a video called “My Life In Numbers”, a piece written, directed and edited by members of EPIC’s staff and performed by Laura O’Leary.

We wish to thank the children and young people who attended our creative workshop and our event in the Office of the Ombudsman for Children. We are already looking forward to Care Day 2018!


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Save the date!

Care Day 2018 will take place on February 16th.

Care Day is the world’s largest celebration of children and young people with care experience. Care experience includes children and young people who are or were cared for by family members with the support of social workers; by foster carers; or children and young people from children’s homes and residential units. They deserve to be celebrated, on care day, and every day.

Care Day is part of 5 Nations, 1 Voice – an alliance made up of five children’s rights charities across the U.K. and Ireland: Become in England, EPIC in Ireland, VOYPIC in Northern Ireland, Voices from Care in Wales, and Who Cares? Scotland.

Care Day 2018 is an opportunity to celebrate the rights of care experienced children and young people. The alliance wants a world where young people are proud, fulfilled, are able to thrive and achieve their dreams.

The 5 Nations, 1 Voice alliance invites every child and young person with experience of care, as well as those who care for and support these young people, to join in this day of united celebration. It is an opportunity to illustrate how care experienced people can feel different to others and why.

February 16th 2018 is the next Care Day; and we would encourage everyone to get vocal, get social, and get together in celebration of the care experienced community. More information on care day is coming soon! For now – save the date!
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John Paul Farrell giving us the donation which he kindly raised for EPIC doing the Hell and Back Challenge. ... MoreLess

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That’s it for another year folks- thanks so much to all the people who came and especially all the young people who contributed to the planning and spoke throughout the day. Truly inspiring stuff. ... MoreLess

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Discussion about relationships and positive endings. ... MoreLess

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